Top Watches of This Year’s 2017 SIHH

This year’s SIHH displayed watches from manufacturers such as A. Lange & Sohne, Baume & Mercier, Cartier, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Officine Panerai, Richard Mille and Ulysse Nardin to name a few.  The public wandered among a sea of watches from some of the top watch manufacturers in the world.  For watch enthusiast and collectors, some of the watches out for 2017 have exceeded expectations.  


Some of the highlights from this year’s SIHH are the new Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar: A powerful combination of modern aesthetics and prestigious traditional complication.  The Royal Oak Chronograph is celebrating its 20 year anniversary with a new model certain to catch your attention.  


Officine Panerai did not disappoint either.  The new LAB-ID, a watch which uses advanced technology previously unknown to the world of watches, showcases unique solutions that have revolutionized its design and mechanics, making use of the infinite potentials of Carbon.  The BMG-TECH™ is both harder and lighter than steel, and iis the first watch made from this innovative technology.  BMG-TECH™ is a bulk metallic glass with a disordered atomic structure, obtained through a high-tech process, so that the atoms do not have enough time to become arranged in an ordered, regular structure.  This technology also makes the watch 100% corrosion resistant.LABID


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Why You Need to Invest in a Patek Philipp Watch

We all know that Patek Philipp is one of the most sought after watches today.  They are rare and of high value.  They are not known for hitting the pre-owned market often, but when they do, you can rest assured they get snagged up fast.

With a bit of planning and determination, you can own a Patek Philipp; however, you don’t have to put your house on the market to do so.  If you know how to buy one, you can be the owner of one of these luxury watches that are a rarity to find.  If you are searching for a Patek Philipp, here are a few things to keep in mind on your search.

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Why Buy a Patek Philipp? 

For those who are new to the luxury watch industry, Patek Philipp has been making watches for over 170 years.  They are the pioneers of groundbreaking innovations such as the split-second chronograph and the perpetual time zone mechanism.

These beautiful timepieces are exquisite.  Patek Philipp is known for top quality materials and a keen eye for detail.  They continue to remain a family-owned business that is committed to providing customers with the best luxury watches today.  It’s no wonder luxury collectors absolutely love this watch.

Patek Philipp has nothing to prove.  They continue to make their watches in a classic style and it’s this that keeps people so interested and hot for them.

Vintage vs. Modern Watches

A vintage watch is made in the pre-1960s and tends to cost a lot more.  If you love vintage watches but don’t want to break the bank buying one, take our advice into consideration.

A Patek Philipp will never go out of style.  They continue to be very eye-catching after years of being made and are a truly timeless investment.

Buying a Patek Philipp

Whatever timepiece you choose to buy, you want to protect it.  This is why insurance is very important.  Either household insurance or something more detailed and specific.  Places like Hiscox and TH March provides insurance services for high-end watches.

Another thing to keep in mind for your Patek Philipp is to service it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Some say every three to four years, but it’s important to do it to keep your watch running strong and smooth.  Plus, keeping records will help you retain the value of your very desirable and sought after watch.

Get to Know the Market

Just like vintage vehicles, prices can rise and dip depending on trends and seasons.

For example, the Patek Philipp’s Nautilus 5712 was made forty years ago but has become very popular in the last ten years.  Because of that, there is a two-year waiting list for this watch.

Generally, though, Patek Philipps hold their value very well, which is one of the reasons collectors love these watches.  Patek Philipp makes about 38,000 watches every year compared to Rolex that makes 1 million and sells them to 70 countries.  If you look at those numbers and compare them, you’ll quickly realize that Patek Philipp is actually quite small, which makes them rare and harder to find.  You just cannot go wrong with a Patek Philipp.

If you are searching for a Patek Philipp, check out our inventory of vintage watches here at Timepiece Perfection today.



The Top 5 Luxury Timepieces for Spending Time on the Water

Do you live somewhere where it’s sunny 12 months out of the year?  Or, are you planning on going on a lavish vacation soon?  We know there is nothing better than spending time on the water, whether you like to boat or simply enjoy a day at the beach.  Whether you want to spend time practicing extreme sports or simply sail off into the sea for a day of deep sea fishing, here are the top five luxury timepieces for time on the water from Timepiece Perfection.

1 – Parmigiani Pershing 005

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This stylish and bold sporty watch, the Parmigiani Pershing 005, is resistant up to 200m.  The straps are made of leather and rubber, which makes it perfect for those who like to spend time on the water.  When you turn the watch over, the case is engraved with the luxury company’s logo, a symbol that blends well with the sea.

2 – Tissot Sailing Touch

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This elegant timepiece comes with a regatta countdown and meteorological forecasting and tide calculator.  This magnificent watch is perfect to spend a full day on the water partaking in your favorite sport or just sailing and enjoying the sea breeze on your boat.  This solid and well-built watch comes with a safety clip to keep it from falling in the water and an extension that ensures it will fit over all of your wet-weather gear.

3 – Nixon Supertide

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This elegant watch is made to withstand saltwater.  The Nixon Supertide comes with a stainless steel case with polyurethane features.  This watch is perfect for surfers or anyone who plans on spending the day on the beach in the tide and sand.

4 – Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

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The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge is a one-of-a-kind type of watch.  This magnificent watch is the first of its kind that allows you to measure the depth of the water.  This watch is resistant up to 500m, which is perfect for those who enjoy deep sea diving.  This watch is made out of tough materials that are made to last.  This watch also give you the option to use a conversion scale to see how far down you go on your dive.

5 – Suunto Elementum Ventus

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This sophisticated luxury timepiece is perfect for yacht fanatics.  The Suunto Elementum Ventus comes with a compass, barometer, saline timer, and weather prediction capabilities.  This magnificent watch is not only functional but elegant.  You will never want another watch for your sailing adventures other than this one-of-a-kind timepiece.

Do you want to purchase a luxury timepiece to spend the day on the water?  Check out our luxury collection here at Timepiece Perfection.


The Top 5 Luxury Watches for Women

Are you on the market for a luxury ladies’ watch?  Today, we’ll show you the top five luxury watches for women that can be bought for just under $2,000.

At this price range, you’ll be looking stunning with a beautiful luxury timepiece that you can wear to work, business events, or just a night out on the town.  Here at Timepiece Perfection, we have gorgeous luxury timepieces for sale, such as Raymond Weil, TAG Heuer, Baume and Mercier, Frederique Constant and Longines.

In today’s modern world, where we use our mobile phones and top of the line gadgets to tell us the time, a beautiful luxury timepiece will not only provide you with timekeeping capabilities but also enhance your overall appearance, style, and grace.

If you have been searching for a luxury woman’s watch to bring out the charm and femininity in you, here are the top five luxury watches for women that won’t cost more than $2,000.

1 – Longines La Grande Classique Ladies Watch

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This magnificent timepiece is wardrobe friendly for the ladies and will go with any outfit you choose to wear.  When you wear it with your formal outfits, you’ll feel very confident and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

The Longines watch has a minimalist design, which means it will not be obtrusive.  It is simply clean and beautiful.

This fine timepiece has been popular with the ladies for many years now and is certainly one to add to your collection.

2 – Frederique Constant Women’s Brown Diamond Watch

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This is one of our favorite luxury women’s watches today.  It exudes elegance the second you put it on.  It has interesting components that are truly one-of-a-kind.

The most intriguing design component has to be the open heart-shape at the 12 o’clock.

This watch comes with a gold tone bezel adorned with 48 full cut diamonds.  It has a matching brown satin leather band that is sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

3 – TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch

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This creative and sporty watch is perfect for the ladies.  TAG Heuer is a very popular watch company that makes beautiful timepieces for women.  The Formula 1 watch is a very sought after watch and it’s no wonder why.

It has a charming black tachymeter bezel, which makes it a marvelous timepiece that will go with any outfit you choose to wear.

4 – Longines DolceVita Watch

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Do you like rectangular watches?  Then this classic watch encompasses everything you need.  The styles incorporated are timeless and all elements are absolutely dazzling.

The watch itself is decorated with white dials and comes with stick hour markers and a sub dial at the 6 o’clock, which enhances the classic style of the watch.  The exquisite logo can be found at the 12 o’clock.  This pristine and elegant watch can be yours today for just under $2,000.

5 – TAG Heuer Aquaracer Black Dial Stainless Steel Quartz

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Last but not least is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Black Dial Stainless Steel Quartz watch.  This luxury timepiece is known to be built tough for underwater conditions.  They come with a stainless steel watchcase, which has been polished to meet the high standards of high-end buyers.

It has water resistance of 300m, which makes it withstand very extreme environments.

If you’re searching for a luxury watch for just under $2,000, check out our magnificent women’s luxury watch listings today.

Why Successful Gentlemen Need a Luxury Watch

When shopping for a luxury watch, many gentlemen find themselves wondering if the investment is worth the benefits.  But what exactly are the benefits of owning a luxury watch?  If you are a successful gentlemen who is looking to take the plunge into luxury watches, you must know why you should invest your hard-earned money.  Today, we’ll show you the many benefits of owning a luxury watch.

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They Are Top Quality

Besides beautiful aesthetics, a luxury watch provides its owner with top quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship.

Low priced watches found at local malls are mass produced by unskilled laborers in third world countries.  Luxury watches, on the other hand, are created with top quality materials and superior craftsmanship.  Famous luxury watch companies employ master horologists to create their signature timepieces.  They are known for their remarkable materials.  This top-tier level of quality can only be found in a luxury watch and will last decades or more with only minor tune-ups needed every so often.

They Are a Great Investment

It’s true, luxury watches are great investments because they last many years and are known to retain their value over time.  Just take a look at gold’s meteoric rise in value over the past decades so you can see the long-term value of jewelry pieces made from those materials.

Lesser quality watches are made from cheaper materials like plastics or alloys that don’t have long-term value.  Luxury timepieces made from quality materials are great investments, which makes them much more appealing for collectors.

They Are a Sign of Wealth

Let’s be honest. We live in a world where looks and status do matter.  Just like men are attracted to beautiful women, women are attracted to successful men who know how to dress well and demand attention walking down the street and when entering a room.  If you want to put yourself ahead of the competition, then a luxury watch from a renowned maker is what you need.  Particularly when paired with tasteful clothing, such as three-piece suits, tuxedos, or trendy garb—luxury timepieces are the accessory that will make you pop and tell the world that you are confident and successful.

This type of watch displays wealth in a manner that you don’t have to speak, you simply let the watch do the talking for you.

Discerning eyes are drawn to accessories, as it’s true that quality attracts quality.  Just like people notice a man driving a flashy car, people are going to notice a man wearing a luxury watch, such as a Rolex.

They Can Be Passed Down

It’s very well-known that luxury watches can last a lifetime, and far beyond.  And for men, this means you can pass your luxury watch down from generation to generation.  Tasteful and well-manufactured watches can be passed down from father to son and serve as an heirloom.  This beautiful gift will be cherished for years to come.

If you’re on the market for a luxury watch, we encourage you to check out our website as we have a many luxury watches in our collection.  Our luxury watches are sure to be eye-catching on your wrist wherever you go.


Best Luxury Watches to Gift for Graduation

With so many high school and college graduations happening, you need to know the perfect gift to give your relatives on this special day.  What better gift than a luxury timepiece?  A luxury watch symbolizes maturity, responsibility, and adulthood.  This very thoughtful gift will celebrate the graduate’s achievements and prepare them for their upcoming new life.

A luxury watch is a gift that means a lot and lasts forever.  It is something your grad will admire and wear on a daily basis.  He or she will hopefully wear it for the remainder of their life.  We encourage you to stay away from trendy pieces and opt for a classic luxury watch that is durable, timeless, and has a long-lasting life.  If you are searching for a graduate gift, you should really consider the four luxury watches we’ve chosen below.

Ball Conductor Transcendent

This magnificent stainless steel watch will help your grad through the entire adult life that lies ahead of them.  This classic, yet stylish watch makes for a truly versatile timepiece that is perfect for any occasion.  There are several colors to choose from that will enhance your grad’s style and grace.

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Shinola The Runwell

Here at Timepiece Perfection, we believe The Runwell is one of the best timepieces to gift your grad.  It will be the perfect watch to get them through job interviews, presentations, and business meetings.  It is made in America, right in the heart of Michigan to be exact.  This watch is a watch your grad will feel proud to wear on their wrist.  Keep in mind the giftset, which comes with two extra straps, making this timepiece a very functional watch.

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TAG Heuer Monaco

This watch is very sleek, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from TAG Heuer.  It is the perfect watch for a young professional who is just starting their life.  TAG Heuer’s slogan “Don’t crack under pressure” will be your recent grad’s new motto to follow in life and their career.  This watch will add a sense of style and get your recent grad ready to start the new chapter in their life.

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Nixon Sentry

This luxury watch is beautiful and affordable at the same time.  It will be your recent grad’s new favorite watch.  It has a beautiful design and style, making it perfect for someone who is just about to head off to college or embark on a journey with a new company.

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Looking to buy a pre-owned luxury watch?

If you are thinking about buying a luxury timepiece for your recent grad, consider shopping for certified pre-owned luxury watches.  Pre-owned watches are marked down in price.  You can land a luxury timepiece for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy new.  Here at Timepiece Perfection, we have pre-owned luxury watches that will be perfect for your recent grad.  Check out our inventory of pre-owned luxury watches today.

Shopping For a Luxury Watch? Here’s The Reasons You Need a Rolex

Are you on the market for a high-end luxury watch?  Then you need a Rolex.  A Rolex watch symbolizes style, attitude, and elegance.  Rolex watches are some of the most beautiful timepieces ever created.

Are you considering investing in a Rolex watch? Then you need to know the top reasons to invest in a Rolex.  They are designed for people who have style and want the finest things in life.

Your persona is characterized by your outside appearance, and if you want to make your presence known, then what better way than by wearing a Rolex watch?

Here are the top reasons you should consider a Rolex for your next luxury watch purchase.

rolex watch

  1. They are versatile and stylish.

Rolex watches are known for their high-end craftsmanship and very stylish appearance.  It’s true, your Rolex watch will never go out of style.  Better yet, your Rolex watch can be one of the best accessories you wear.  It goes with anything and brings its own style with it.  Versatile and stylish are just two words to describe a Rolex.

  1. They make you important.

An extravagant watch like a Rolex is going to make people look at you anywhere you go.  The watch itself will speak about you before you even open your mouth.  When you walk into a new place and people see you wearing a Rolex, they are going to think very highly of you.

Your luxury Rolex is going to sparkle and draw eyes to it wherever you go.  It will sure let the world know how important and successful you are in life.

  1. They make you stand out.           

A luxury watch like a Rolex is going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.  You are not going to see everyone wearing a Rolex at every room you walk in, so it will make you stand out.  The watch instantly puts you in a different class from the crowd and people will perceive you as being very important.

A luxury Rolex will add respect to your personality and give you the confidence you need to do anything in life.

  1. They make you look great.

A high-end Rolex watch is one of the best investments you can make.  They instantly make you look great.  Rest assured, it will make you get noticed.  A Rolex watch can and will be the best addition to your overall style.

  1. They are a legacy.

Rolex watches aren’t just your best accessories, they are a legacy. They continue to get more valuable as years go by.

  1. They have great resale value.

Rolex watches are known for maintaining their resale value.  Luxury watches are very expensive.  You will spend over 10,000 dollars on your Rolex watch from a trustworthy seller.  If there ever comes a time you need to sell it, don’t worry, the Rolex will hold its value.

Rolex watches are some of the most beautiful watches ever made.  Are you ready to buy your Rolex watch today? Consider checking out our inventory of Rolex watches and see if one fits your needs and preferences.


Top Reasons to Invest in Luxury Watch This Summer

Are you on the market for a luxury watch?  Have you been searching for the perfect watch to enhance your wardrobe?  Let us show you why investing in a luxury watch can not only improve your style and appeal but your entire life as well.

luxury watches collection

1- It Will Turns Heads and Impress People

The number one reason men invest in luxury watches is because of the admiration they receive.  Male friends heavily influence one another, especially when it comes to watches.  If you purchase a luxury watch, you’ll notice that all your friends will be impressed by this beautiful timepiece on your wrist.  You’ll soon become the most envied and talked about guy in the group and influence others to follow suit.

2 – It’s a High-end Machine That’s Worth Every Penny

It’s no secret that men consider themselves gadget fanatics.  There is something sexy and alluring about a luxury watch on your wrist.  It displays a sense of power, happiness, success, and status.  Today’s men are on top the latest looks and want to look stylish and sleek.  Gadgets like luxury watches are beautiful and innovative machines with high quality craftsmanship that can last a lifetime.  There is no greater pleasure than owning a luxury watch with gears and springs that make timepieces work so elegantly.  A high-end watch will bring an immense sense of pleasure into your life.

3 – It Has a History Behind it

A luxury timepiece has history attached to it.  Each popular watch comes with a story; how it was made and the purpose it serves.  Vintage watches have a magical way of reminding you of a time and place.  The high-end watch itself has its own story.  There is nothing more rewarding than walking around with a classic piece of history on your hand, being reminded of it every time you look at your wrist, and sharing that rich history with others.

4 – It Represents Status

If you are a successful man or woman, you can’t just walk around with a watch you purchased at JCPenney.  You need a luxury timepiece on your wrist to show the world your achievements in life.  A beautiful timepiece will let the world know that you’ve made it very far.  You can pack so much value and status in just one quality piece.

5 – It Lets People Know Who You Are without Saying a Word

It’s no secret that in the world of business, people are judged by what they wear.  Businessmen especially are judged by the way the put themselves together.  If you want to stand out in a highly competitive world, don’t just look at your shoes but your wristwatch as well.  Watches today are a way to measure one’s personal style, taste and economic status.  The perfect timepiece can let the world know who you are without even saying a word.

If you are on the market for luxury watches guaranteed to impress, make sure you shop from a reputable website that is known for quality, not quantity.

Discover Today’s Top 5 Most Expensive Watches for Men

Are you curious about today’s most expensive watches for men?  As a watch collector, you ought to know what luxury watch brands are dominating the market.

Here at Timepiece Perfection, we’re in the business of luxury watches and are incredibly thankful for all these high-end brands that are around today.

A watch is one of the best accessories any man can to enhance overall look.  A high-end watch speaks values, dreams, and status.  It gives a man his own style and voice.  It transforms a younger man into an accomplished gentleman.

There are so many high-end and luxury watches around today.  There’s truly a luxury watch for each man’s own personal style, taste, and lifestyle.  There are also different styles, from diamond to steel, giving you many options to choose from.  If you are on the market for the industry’s most expensive brands, you’ll find some of these luxury watches below to be stunning, elegant, and stylish.

1 – Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe & Co. is one of the industry’s most luxurious watch brands today.  Every watch fanatic knows that Patek Philippe has a special meaning.  The company is known for making the industry’s most expensive luxury watches today.

The luxury watch company is recognized worldwide and has a very prestigious reputation for quality pieces.  However, landing a Patek Philippe doesn’t come cheap.  You can’t get one for less than $20,000, and the most expensive ones go up into the 7 figures.

2 – Chopard

Chopard is a Swiss-based high-end luxury watch company.  They make some of the most luxurious watches today.  They are not only beautiful but functional.  For many years, this company was ranked as the #1 most expensive watch company in the entire world and has recently been bumped down to second place.

The Chopard Company also sells jewelry and ladies’ watch collections.  If you’re on the market for a Chopard watch, get ready to fork out $5,000+.  However, this amount only gets you to the lower end of their magnificent watch collection.

3 – Piaget

Piaget was founded in 1974 and has since been known for producing the industry’s most luxurious watches.  Piaget started to make a name for itself back in World War II and has blessed us with the industry’s most stunning and high-end watches ever since.

These elegant timepieces are known for their superior quality, craftsmanship, and elegance.  These gorgeous watches are perfectly paired with men who want an extravagant design and a highly recognized brand.  Strap one of these beauts on your wrist and you’ll command attention everywhere you go.


4 – Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is one of the industry’s oldest watchmakers.  The company is known for making luxury watches that withstand the test of time.  The watches are thin and have an 18 karat rose gold case.  It has a magnificent alligator strap that pairs beautifully with the pink gold.

watch 4

5 – Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is the only watch company that consistently produces today’s most expensive watches.  They are known for making the world’s most luxurious watches.  The Royal Oak Complication has 52 jewel movements and 18 karat gold case and bracelet.  This beautiful timepiece will stay with you for the rest of your life.  This watch is very sought after by discerning men, which is why they are the most expensive watches in the world.  Prices start at $10,000 and go well over $50,000.


If you’re on the market for one of the world’s most expensive watches for men, make sure you shop for with a reputable company you can trust.

The Must-Have Manual for Starting a Luxury Watch Collection

Starting a luxury watch collection?  Follow this simple one page guide to get your collection thriving and be the stylish gentleman you’ve always wanted to be.  

luxury watches online

When a man grows older, he becomes a gentleman.  But a gentleman isn’t complete without a luxury watch on his wrist.  So how do you stack up?  If you have reached the point in life where you want to stand out as a stylish gentleman, you ought to invest in a luxury watch collection.  There is nothing more gratifying than wearing a luxury piece with the best craftsmanship on your wrist.  It can help you reach new heights in your career, social, and love life.  However, starting a luxury watch collection isn’t something you can rush into; after all, it needs to be done thoughtfully and with precision.

A discerning gentleman should conduct his research before purchasing a luxury watch.  It is a decision that needs time and thought.  It requires understanding and knowledge; otherwise, you’ll be making the wrong investment.  The right watch can add style and grace to your look and moves and make you more confident in everything you do.

But of course, as with any investment, you have your own financial limitations.  Unless you’re spending $10,000 or above, you’re not going to have a luxury watch collection.  When shopping for your high-end watches, whether new or vintage, make sure they command your attention and make you instantly fall in love.  Again, it all goes back to thoroughly doing your homework because there is nothing worse than buying the wrong watch and not having it match up with your lifestyle and personal taste.

Your choices are endless now.  You need to decide whether you want your watch to be automatic or manual.  You must decide if you want to buy preowned or brand new.  Just like cars, the options are endless, even when it comes to high-end watches.

Like with other items you wear, it’s best to keep your watch simple.  You don’t want to buy a watch that is overly dramatic and commands too much attention.  You shouldn’t wear a watch that is oversized, has too much ice, or is over styled.  The watch must be the right size.  If the sleeve of your shirt gets stuck on the watch, then it’s too big.  There is nothing worse than wearing a gaudy watch and drawing the wrong attention to yourself.

If you’re ready to improve your look and life, one of the best things you can do is start a vintage watch collection as they’re becoming very popular today.  Not only can you enjoy a lifetime of luxury pieces, but your high-end collection can be passed down from generation to generation to keep your classic collection alive.  A luxury watch can also serve as the perfect conversation starter in the business world, your social circle, and even your love life.  Whether your watches are new or vintage, remember to always take proper care and never wear a sport or digital watch with a three-piece suit. Let’s face it, that’s like putting Honda wheels on a Ferrari.

When shopping for a vintage or new watch, make sure you choose a trusted website that has a solid reputation for selling quality watches.