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3 Crucial Tips to Care for Your Rolex



We all know that a Rolex isn’t just any old watch. Any timepiece that boasts this brand’s name carries renowned prestige and craftsmanship, old and new models alike. Thus, a Rolex should not be treated like any old watch. Once you invest in a luxury timepiece, you should be continually investing time into cleaning and maintaining your Rolex.


Here are the best ways to care for your Rolex:


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1-Washing Your Rolex

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your Rolex on a daily basis (after all, who wouldn’t want to?). But even though a Rolex is composed of fine and durable materials, it can still dull and get dirty over time. To keep your watch looking and functioning flawlessly, you should wash your Rolex every few months.


Obviously, it’s best to avoid water contact unless you’re cleaning the watch or wearing a water-resistant model (like a Rolex Oyster, for example). Here are some steps to take before you begin washing your Rolex:


  • Wash your hands to remove excess oil and dirt.
  • Ensure that the winding crown is completely and tightly screwed into the case to prevent water from entering the interior of the case.


Steps to wash your Rolex:

  • Using lukewarm water, gently rinse off any loose particles.
  • Apply ammonia free soap to your hands and gently wash the watch exterior.
  • Use a small and gentle tool like a toothbrush to clean into crevices, especially between the bracket links.
  • After you’re done scrubbing, submerge the watch in lukewarm water in short intervals to rinse away the remaining soap and dirt.
  • Gently pat the watch dry with a clean, soft cloth.



  • If you see condensation or water entering under the crystal, you should take it in for repairs immediately.


Get your Rolex Serviced

In order to keep your Rolex in prime condition, it should be professionally serviced every 5 years. Certified Rolex dealers are trained to keep the movements precise and can advise you on how to keep your Rolex in the best working condition. If your Rolex needs to be polished, to not attempt to do it yourself. To fix the damage, it should be taken to a certified repair center.



Properly Wind Your Watch

To wind your watch properly, you should place it on a flat, soft surface (not while you wear it). Begin winding by unscrewing the crown to position 2 and wind it about 35 times (give or take). Because Rolex watches are built to prevent over-winding, you can be generous with your winding motions. After the winding is complete, screw the crown back into its original position. If the movement doesn’t begin right away, you can very gently rock the watch to start it.


If you have self-winding or perpetual movement watch, it will wind itself as you wear it. Wearing it often will keep up the functioning of the movements and mechanism over time.

A Rolex deserves the utmost care in order to keep it working well for a lifetime. Following these tips can keep your Rolex in prime condition.

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