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5 Things You Need to Know About the Omega 007 “Spectre”



If you’ve already seen the latest Bond movie Spectre, you couldn’t have missed this impressive Omega Seamaster designed just for the movie. If you liked what you saw on Daniel Craig’s wrist, there’s a few things you need to know about this stunning “Spectre” timepiece:


1. It actually does more than tell the time.

James Bond: “Does it do anything?”
Q: “It tells the time. We know you have trouble with punctuality.”

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that in the end the watch does prove itself as more than a timepiece. Although you won’t be using it as an explosive to escape from near-death scenarios, you can take advantage of the bi-directional rotating bezel to time events and check the time in multiple timezones.



2. The Omega Spectre is the first special edition partnership with the Bond franchise.

Since 1995, Omega has been the choice for James Bond. Since it was first worn by Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye, the Swiss brand has released a commemorative 007 timepiece to coincide with each subsequent film. The movie Spectre marked the first time Omega partnered with the Bond Franchise by releasing a special edition version of the watch named after the movie Spectre.



3. This is a limited edition timepiece.

Unlike other watches released with the Bond movies, this is the first time a 007 Omega was released as a limited edition piece. Along with the engraving of the Spectre logo and the 007 gun logo you’ll find the limited edition series number marking 1 of only the 7,007 models made in the series.


4. The actual model was worn in the movie.

Jealous of the watch worn by Daniel Craig in the movie? No problem: you can get the very same model on your wrist because James Bond himself wore the legit Omega Seamaster 007 for his movie. Everything from the polished black ceramic bezel to the gray and black NATO strap can be yours, making you look as suave as this British spy.


Photo via OMEGA



5. James Bond himself was excited about the Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre.

After Bond actor Daniel Craig took a tour of the Omega factory in Villeret Switzerland, he was left nothing short of impressed. As an avid fan and owner of Omega timepieces, he was excited to wear the limited edition watch in his movie. “I think what was so impressive was the fact that these watches are made from the ground up,” Craig remarked. “You start with nothing, and then there’s suddenly a working watch. That’s the beauty of it. To see the engineering that goes into it and the legacy that goes into it, that’s what fascinated me.”


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