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High End Stylish Elegance: Ulysse Nardin Vs. Zenith Watches

ulysses nardinUlysse Nardin, a watch manufacturer founded in 1846 in LeLecle, Switzerland, has been in continuous production of high-end, luxury watches for 165 years.  Best known for the manufacture of high accurate marine chronometers, Ulysse Nardin supplied over 50 of the world’s navies during the 1800s.

Recognized by 4,300 first prizes and 18 international chronometrics, Ulysse Nardin’s features a collection called the “Triology of Time,” which started in 1985 and  incorporates three different astrological pieces, the Plantarium Copernicus, Astrolabium Galileo Galilei, and the Tellurium Joannes Kepler.

ulysse nardin 2014In 1999, the GM+ Perpetual was introduced, and this particular model allows for the forward and backward adjustment of a calendar over a single crown.  The El Toro is the newest release to the collection.

Freak was introduced in 2001, features a carrousel tourbillion movement  that rotates 360 degrees to keep track of hours and minutes and a 7-day power reserve.

Genghis Khan won an innovation of the year award in 2003, features westmiller carillion tourbillion jaquemarts minute repeater.

Introduced in 2003, the Sonata, with a patented dual time system, features technical movement, with an alarm setting, which includes a countdown indicator.

Moonstruck focuses on the Earth, Moon, and Sun, with a depiction of the moon’s different phases and the global influence of lunar and solar gravitation through tidal movements.

The Stranger, introduced in 2013, features an in-house developed musical mechanical silicum based technology, and it plays Strangers in the Night, the hit song released around 1966.

The Ulysse Nardin ladies collection features watches with a self-winding movement and stylish accents, including, but not limited to an 18 ct rose gold case, diamonds, and alligator straps.

All Ulysse Nardin watches come with a limited 12 month repair warranty, which covers all parts installed and work performed.

zenith watchesZenith Watches, a high-end, luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, founded in 1865, is one of the few remaining Swiss watch producers that still manufacture their own movements in-house.

Awarded 1,565 first place precision awards to date, Zenith Watches released the El Primero Calibre in 1969.  Still produced today, The El Primero Calibre is one of the first automatic chronograph movements featuring the frequency of 36,000 alterations per hour.  In 2012, the El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th was released and was limited to 1,969 pieces, in honor of the original 1969 release date.

The Pilot series of Zenith Watches features transparent sapphire glass, with arabic numerals in Super Luminova SLN C1 and a domed sapphire glass with anti-reflection treatment on both sides.

The Zenith Watches ladies collection features fascinating mechanisms surrounded by the true beauty of transparent sapphire glass, a rose gold set with diamonds, domed sapphire glass with anti-reflection treatment, alligator straps, and other luxurious accents.

Each Zenith Watch purchase comes with a two year international warranty.  An an additional year may be obtained by registering your watch via Timepiece Perfection.
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