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How Much is Your Watch Worth?


What’s the value of my watch?

To answer that question, we’ve laid out some crucial aspects used to determine the value of your luxury timepiece:




1. Brand

Every true luxury watch brand has a reputation that plays an influential role in the value of a watch.  Brands that are widely recognized for their prestige tend to have greater perceived and retained values when it comes to their timepieces. Some watchmakers that come to mind are Rolex, known for their long-lasting and intricately produced watches. Others such as Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe are praised for their successful histories as leaders in the watch industry. So, a lot of your watches value will depend in its brand name and that brand’s qualities.





2. Condition

Like with any other pre-owned product, the worth of your watch will depend on its current condition. Great watch owners have their watches regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure its value for the future. Still, having it cleaned only occasionally from dirt, dust, and other particles makes a big difference in the long run. It’s especially important to keep these particles from affecting the movement of the watch. Though some brands like Patek Philippe and Rolex feature highly protected and sealed crowns, other brands may have cases that are more prone to exposure. Thus, that could potentially reduce the worth of your watch over time.




3. Material

Obviously, material plays a huge role in the value of your watch. Though it seems as though gold and silver would be worth more than steel in most instances, the price will vary from brand to brand. For example, Rolex famously uses a steel known as 904L, one that is difficult to manufacture and extremely durable and valuable for a timepiece.




4. Rarity

Most luxury watch brands release special edition timepieces for special anniversaries, persons, or occasions. These kinds of models are usually limited to just a few hundred pieces or so, adding the th rarity and increasing the value of an individual watch. Because the supply is low and the demand is high for these rare watches, the value of your limited edition watch can be great in comparison to others of the same brand.



5. Movement

In the world of luxury timepieces, the value of a watch always comes down to the movement. It’s one of the greatest factors to be considered when determining a watch’s value because it’s where the real artistry comes in. A Swiss made mechanical watch movement is always valued more over a quartz movement due to the amount of time and intricacies involved in creating a mechanical movement. That’s because it’s made out of hundreds of tiny parts (often made in-house with high-end brands), whereas quartz movements are powered by a simple battery.


Though we’ve listed the most important factors to finding the value of your watch, there are still others to consider such as the year, papers, and even the color when it comes to the pre-owned price.


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