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Watch Review: Pilot's Watch IWC Top Gun Miramar

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.45.55 PM

IWC is one of those brands that pushes forward and takes risks in watch designs. Although creating unique watches can sometimes be hit or miss, IWC hit the mark when they developed the Top Gun Miramar Chronograph. Casually stylish, durable, and intricate, this is one timepiece perfect for completing your watch collection.



The titanium, ceramic finished case echos the military styles inspired by the 1930-1940s era. The beige hands, chapter ring, and green textile strap were also influenced by a military and Miramar pilot design (hence the name). And what we find most impressive is the inside of this timepiece: the 51111 calibre is made entirely in-house and is the largest movement developed by IWC. The soft iron inner case keeps the chronograph’s precision movement protected.




Although this watch isn’t exactly button-up friendly, it has a casual aesthetic that is necessary for completing a watch collection. First off, the color scheme is divinely matched: iridescent black, olive, cream chocolate brown and red all work together perfectly. Interestingly, the date window is widened by a day in either direction giving the appearance of an airplane altimeter (that’s where you can really see the WWII pilot influence.). In the dark, the dial reveals a wonderfully minimalist appearance. Everything is topped off with a Top Gun engraving embellishing the case back.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.39.45 PM

Something else to note: this thing is kind of huge.


With a 46mm face, it’s hard to miss. Plus, a large face means an equally large strap to take up more room on the wrist. It may take some getting used to if you’re not used to wearing larger watches, but the style and IWC craft make it worth it.



  • Mechanical chronograph movement
  • Self-winding
  • IWC-manufactured 89365 calibre (89000-calibre family)
  • 68-hour power reserve when fully wound
  • Date display
  • Stopwatch function with minutes and seconds
  • Flyback function
  • Small hacking seconds
  • Soft-iron inner case for protection against magnetic fields
  • Screw-in crown
  • Sapphire glass, convex, antireflective coating on both sides
  • Secured against displacement by drop in air pressure
  • Water-resistant 6 bar
  • Case height 16.5 mm
  • Diameter 46 mm

Like what you see? Contact us at for more info about the IWC Top Gun Miramar, and take a look at more watches from IWC.

Guide to Finding Your Watch Model Number

Sure, luxury watches come with the paperwork for authenticity. But what do the variety of numbers mean, and which ones are important? The watch model number is a key part of your watch, and it’s location is found on a specific and unique location depending on the watch. To help you find your watch’s model number, we’ve laid explained how to find it based on your watch brand:


Jaeger Le-Coultre:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.19.21 PM

Jaeger Le-Coultre can be a little complicated, but your best bet with them is the “Q” number or case back number. Interestingly, there are three models that can identify one Jaeger LeCoultre watch. Some watches are referred to by all three, whereas some are more commonly identified by just one of these numbers. There more popular models are usually in the form XXX.X.XX or a similar format. Jaeger Le-Coultre watches also have what is known as a “Q” model number. This “Q” model number (ex. QXXXXXXX) and a case back number XXX.X.XX are searchable and should be found on the paperwork, tag, and caseback.





Having paperwork on hand is key if you need to find your Rolex watch number. Otherwise, finding it directly on your watch can be tricky. Usually, the model number is located between the watch lugs under the bracelet. So, that means that you must remove the bracelet or band. One set of links or lugs will display the watch model number, and the other will display the serial number. If you absolutely need to do this, we recommend having the bracelet removed professionally to avoid scratches.



Patek Philippe:


Patek Philippe makes things a little tricky too. On the case back, you’ll see a number, but it only has the serial number. The watch model number is actually located on the inside of the case back. Again, we recommend having the case removed professionally if you absolutely need to find this number.





If you’re looking for the model number on your Cartier watch, you’ll find the 4 digit code on the case back and on the paperwork. This particular number serves as a unique identifier that will designate the specific type of model. Others with the same number will have identical size and dimension, but they may differ in materials. When looking for the number on the paperwork, it will typically start with the letter “W” followed by the 4 digit number. Also, if you can’t find the number on the case, don’t worry: some earlier models or quartz models don’t have a model number on the case.





If you’re looking for your Breitling model number, you’re in luck: they’re simple and easy to find. Every watch of theirs is marked on the case back with the model number. And on the paperwork, you’ll find the same model number with additional numbers relating to the specific design of the timepiece. There, you may also find another code with a letter followed by five digits indicating the chronometer certificate. However, that doesn’t come standard with every Breitling model.



Tag Heuer:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.22.48 PM

Thankfully, Tag Heuer created a clear and simple system for finding and identifying the watch model. On the case back, their watch will have a serial number and a model number matching that on its paperwork. The watch model number is the one the is number on top, beginning with a letter. In some cases the watch model number can be standing alone, or right above the displayed movement on an exhibition case.

Why You Need the Limited Edition Breitling Navitimer 1461


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.55.25 PM

“You simply don’t become official supplier to world aviation by chance.” -Breitling



Inside and out, the Navitimer is crafted with materials fit for gentlemen and aviators who appreciate a true luxury watch. The stainless steel bracelet and case ensure a long-lasting luster and protection.  Comprising of over 450 parts, the caliber 19 is actually surprisingly complicated for Breitling. And because it’s COSC Chronometer certified, you can be assured that this Navitimer will be extremely reliable in all its functions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.55.11 PM



There’s several aspects that set apart this particular watch apart. First off, the case is a surprising 46 mm wide, much larger than many standard Navitimer models. And the iconic case is highly polished with double AR coated sapphire crystal. The most attractive concept of this timepiece comes from the blue face contrasted by the white chronograph dial and numerals. It’s modern, yet alluringly classic as an aviation timepiece.




Annual Calendar (Leap year calendar)

Something interesting about this watch is the title Breitling gave to this calendar feature. Instead of calling it an annual calendar, they refer to it as a “Leap Year” calendar, claiming that it only needs to be adjusted every 4 years instead of annually. (Fun fact: if the calendar functions need to be reset, it is relatively easy and quickly to do so)



This features a beautifully designed and accurate chronograph.


Moon Phase

The moon phase is a luxurious added feature to enhance aesthetic and functionality to the Navitimer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.55.44 PM



Caliber Breitling 19
Movement Selfwinding mechanical
Power reserve min. 42 hours
Chronograph 1/4th second, 30 minutes, 12 hours
Vibration 28 800 v.p.h
Jewel 38 jewels
Calendar Leap year, pointer (date, day, month, moon phase)
Case Steel, black steel
Back Screwed in



As of today, we still are auctioning this watch here. Otherwise, you can contact us at to get one on your wrist.


3 Crucial Tips for Wearing a Watch with a Suit


If you want to look your best, you should dawn your best suit, and be dressed to impress from head to foot. And of course, your timepiece is crucial for completing a gentleman’s look. To put together a fashionable look, there are a few things to note when considering what watch is/isn’t acceptable to wear with a suit:


Material: The Do’s and Don’ts

DO: Gold and Leather
The most acceptable kind of watch to be worn with a suit is a gold case with a black or brown leather band. It creates of look of class and elegance to perfectly compliment a tailored suit. Still, that doesn’t rule out stainless steel watches. After all, a steel Rolex like this one would look impressive with just about any kind of suit:


DON’Ts: Rubber
If your watch has any kind of rubber on it, it shouldn’t be worn with a suit. Period. A rubber strap indicates that it should be worn for athletic purposes such as diving or other sporting events —definitely not formal occasions.


Size: It matters.

A trending style of watch is large, oversized face that takes up a lot of room of the wrist. Although this look works well with some outfits, a suit is simply not one of them. A watch worn with a suit should be more understated with a smaller face. That way, it’ll fit perfectly under a tailored shirt. Most watch enthusiasts would agree that 40 mm is the perfect size for a dress watch.



Color: Clean & Classic

A clean, white face contrasts best with a black suit. The case can be made of any metal material, all the way from gold to steel.  Top it off with a black leather strap, and you are good to go!

To help out narrow down what kind of watch you should wear with your suit, here are 3 of our recommendations:

You just can’t go wrong with a classic IWC.


The Panerai Pan 535 has the perfect amount of class and adventure all in one luxury timepiece.



Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.27.36 PM


You can’t beat the look of this Patek Philippe with a tailored suit.


Overall, it’s best not to overthink it. Just follow these tips, and you’ll find just the watch you need for your suit!

Build Your Watch Collection: AP Royal Oak Grand Prix

The Royal Oak Grand Prix is a fresh interpretation of the luxury race watch.

-A Blog to Watch


The Royal Oak Offshore Timepiece Collection was born through Audemars Piguet’s desire to destroy the barriers between luxury and sport watches. And within this collection are limited edition models like the one shown here: the Grand Prix. By incorporating a motorsports style, exceptional aesthetic quality, and high-end functionality, this thing will have others drooling over your watch when you wear it —making it essential to completing the ultimate watch collection.



One of the newest and most innovative materials found in this particular collection is forged carbon. When you look closely at the texture of the metal, you’ll notice how different and more impressive it is than simple carbon fiber. Although the result of marbled black tones is not for everyone, our team here at TP sees how it complements every metal and texture incorporated into this piece. Plus, it makes for a lightweight and comfortable wear.



Featuring their signature hexagonal design bezel, the Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix collection by Audemars Piguet is characterized by dramatic proportions and high-tech components and materials that are obvious in the elemental design features. This watch is crowned by its unique, black “Mega Tapisserie” motif.

The Grand Prix model shown here is one of the most visually exciting of its collection. Features black sub-dials rimmed with a thin, rose-gold border. The “waffle” textured face displays 4 functional apertures with each window displaying the a magnified date, 30 minute counter, 12 hour counter, and the small seconds sub-dial. The lightweight, high quality materials and distinctive design make a watch from this collection both functional as a sports watch but still praised as a luxury timepiece.



The Grand Prix movements, like all Audemars Piguet watches, are meticulously detailed, intricately finished, and impressively functional. And of course, it’s all made in-house.

Calibre: 3126/3840 that has 365 parts and a 60 hour power reserve.

Functions: the time with subsidiary seconds dial, 12 hour chronograph, and a date indicator (under reserve mounted magnifier underneath the sapphire crystal).


Case material Rose gold
Case diameter 44 mm
Material bezel Carbon
Glass Sapphire Glass
Dial Black
Bracelet material Leather
Bracelet color Black
Clasp Buckle

Interested in Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix? Just email us at so you can get one on your wrist!

4 Legit Reasons Why You Need a Hublot

Thinking about buying a Hublot, but not sure if you’re ready to commit? To help you make the right choice, we’ve laid out 4 legit reasons as to why you need to a get yourself one:



Signature Design

Hublot Timepieces don’t represent the “Art of Fusion” among watch brands for nothing. Since they first started in the 1980s, men and women have been desiring these luxury watches for their unique style and class. The name Hublot (which means “porthole” in French) represents their signature port hole shape. The founder Carlo Crocco wanted to create watches that were durable, adaptable, and stylish at at once. Thus, the signature look of the Hublot was born.



Intricate Manufacturing

When he first launched the company, Hublot became the first brand to combine both gold and rubber in a single watch. Their style is one that was created to fit comfortably on anyone’s wrist.  They’re also known for their combinations of polished and brushed gold and use of natural rubber straps that compliment and contrast the minimalist face. Crafted by hand with serious attention to detail, Hublot watches are durable yet comfortably weightless for the wearer. There most famous watches, such as the Unico, are known for their specialized functions and complications, a world-time GMT, and a patented bi-retrograde chronograph for timing football matches.



Special Collections

Every year, Hublot manufactures a variety of special collection watches. They have collections all the way from your favorite futbol team to the latest special edition Ferrari inspired Classic Fusion Ultra Thin. Plus, they’re limited edition models are nothing short of spectacular. Each one of the special collection timepieces is not only prestigious; they’re designed with cutting-edge style and materials that make them some of the most coveted watches on the market.



Customer Service

Something many watch lovers don’t think of is how a brand’s customer service is. What makes Hublot stand out from almost all other watch brands is their unbeatable and extremely helpful worldwide service. This company goes out of their way to please their customers from the time they receive the watch to any other concerns or needs they have as they wear it.

So now you know the truth: getting a Hublot is totally worth it. Check our latest collection of Hublot timepieces here!

Build Your Watch Collection: Richard Mille RM028



For Richard Mille, the perfect timepiece must be a true exercise in the creation of complex, holistic relationships that unite the interior and exterior of the watch. -Richard Mille

And when you look at the new Richard Mille RM 028 America Diver, their motto rings true. 

This timepiece is bright, bold, and simply badass. 



As with any other Richard Mille watch, the RM028 Americas Limited Edition Diver has unmatched craftsmanship.
Composed of a three-piece DLC titanium case, measuring 47 mm in width and 14.6 mm in thickness, this watch is incredibly sturdy and beautifully functional. Impressively, the rotating bezel can’t be dislocated by impact: it is formed by three layers that are connected with 22 eight-point-star-shaped screws. And it’s even more durable with it’s high-end, rubber crown protector.



Honestly, until you wear this watch for yourself, you won’t believe how powerful this thing is in both function and design. Whether or not you’re a watch connoisseur, you’ll be able to see why Richard Mille timepieces are very well known for their superiority when compared to other brands in their class. Implementing the use of unique metal alloys and a carbon fiber flange, this timepiece has strength and aesthetic to impress anyone and everyone. The dark finish of the case and the open-work dial are contrasted by the stunning arabic numerals. This watch is set apart by it’s double-push button security mechanism, allowing the wearer to rotate the bezel when both the red arrow and 30-minute buttons are pressed simultaneously in a counterclockwise direction. Everything is balanced perfectly by the white and red hand and dial to give it a sleek finish.


Tech Specs:

The Richard Mill RM028 features a Display Back, Center Seconds, Luminescent Hands, Rotating Bezel, Screw-Down Crown, and Luminous indexes.
Movement: Automatic
Diameter: 47 mm
Waterproof: 30 ATM
Glass: Sapphire Glass

Dial numerals

Bracelet material: Rubber
Bracelet color: Black
Clasp: Buckle
Clasp material: Titanium

The Richard Mille RM028 Americas Diver is a limited edition watch of only 30 pieces that is exclusively available in North and South America. It follows the design lines of the RM025 —Richard Mille’s first diver’s watch.

Sound like your kind of watch? Contact us at for more info about the exclusive Richard Mille RM028 timepiece!

Helpful Tips for Buying a Watch on a Budget



A luxury watch is exactly what someone needs to stand out and look top-notch in daily life and on special occasions. And you know you need one, which means it’s to jump into the world of high-end horologics and have your own real timepiece. The only thing is that you’re on a budget, which can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve laid out a few tips as your purchase your watch:


1. Don’t sacrifice Quality

Make quality your first priority when choosing the right watch to buy. Just because you’re on a low budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for less. Why waste one on a cheap trinket when you deserve a watch that could last a lifetime in both beauty and function?



2.Don’t go for trendy styles

Often you’ll see fashion designer come out with the latest designs for watches at a lower prices. However, you shouldn’t be tempted by the price tag. If you want something to last year to year, a trendy watch isn’t what you need. Soon enough, it’ll go out of style. Always consider more classic watches that have lasting style.


3. Save up some cash if you need to

When you have the urge to buy a luxury watch right away, waiting for the right time can be hard. Still, it’s better to wait until you have the finances you need in order to purchase a watch you’ll truly love. Rushing may lead you to get something of lower quality. Taking your time to save the money you need will ensure that you get a timepiece that is satisfying and worth your while.


4. Remember that it’s worth it

These watches aren’t called “luxury” for nothing. Though they carry a hefty price tag, all luxury watches have a reason for their cost. Made meticulously from hundreds of intricate parts, it can take months —if not years— to craft a timepiece from start to finish by hand. They are built to last and designed to show prestige for the wearer. Even when you’re tempted to settle for less, remember why a luxury timepiece is what you need.

Looking to buy your own luxury watch? Check out our latest collections from the world’s top brands!

Tips for Choosing a Diving Watch


image via Flickr.


Dive watches are equipped with specialized features to withstand an adventurous life at sea.


The funny thing is, most dive watches don’t get much action in the ocean. Instead, they bought and sold as collector’s pieces. Or they’re worn on a wrist, seeing only an office instead of an ocean view. In fact, the only time they get a splash is in the rain or the shower.


So if you’re looking for a dive watch that you’ll give some real action, you’ve come to the right place. True diving watches are in a league of their own when it comes to luxury.


What makes a Diving Watch a Diving Watch?

According to the ISO 6425 Diver’s Watch Standards, every diving watch must meet a set of specific standards. They must possess certain features and pass tests to prove that they and thrive in a depth of at least 330 meters.


What Should I Look for in a Diving Watch?

Every diving watch has these features:


  1. A screw-down crown to keep water from water from entering the timepiece
  2. Constructed from water resistant materials to withstand water damage, corrosion, and rusting.
  3. A rotating bezel that keeps track of the time spent under water during a diving session.
  4. A strong crystal face to ensure resistance to high amounts of pressure.
  5. A luminescent coating for numerals and dial for readability in dark lighting under water.

(you can learn more about these watch terms that are explained in our article.)


What Kind of Dive Watch Should I Get?


Honestly, it all comes down to preference. Here’s a few types of watches that we recommend considering:


Analog Dive Watch

At Timepiece Perfection, we always recommend wearing an analog watch over a digital display —especially for diving. It usually have at least three hands to display the time and a unidirectional bezel that’s crucial for divers.



For those who appreciate the craftsmanship of a true luxury watch, an automatic movement is the way to go. It’s a self-winding watch that never needs a battery replacement. The mainspring keeps the watch wound due to your natural movements when worn on a daily basis, which comes in handy for diving.



A chronograph diving watch will usually have 2 to 4 smaller dials set in the watch face as extra features beyond timekeeping. The most important feature is a stopwatch inset to time different events while diving.


Ready to get your own diving watch? Check out our extensive collection at Timepiece Perfection!


Watch Review: Luminor 1950 Regatta

Looking for a watch that embodies the perfect balance between classic style and modern sportsmanship?


Well, we have just what you need: the Luminor 1950 Regatta.


Born in Florence, Italy, Panerai developed a world renowned art of watchmaking. Paneria’s roots run deep as exclusive suppliers to the Italian Navy, which becomes obvious when looking at the mechanics and design of these high-precision instruments. Take a look at some of the reasons why the Luminor Regatta is one of our favorite luxury watches:



Every watch collection needs a timepiece that is rich with history yet wrought with innovation. Panerai has always used only the most prestigious and durable materials, and they didn’t hold back on the Regatta. Crafted with light, strong, and hypoallergenic titanium, this watch has remarkable physical and mechanical qualities to ensure that it can last a lifetime. So, this watch is virtually impervious to corrosion in a marine environment, making it a desirable seafaring timepiece. And it comes to no surprise that this metal is the material choice for the military and aerospace industries. After all, this titanium is as strong as steel, yet 40% lighter.



When we tried the Luminor Regatta on our wrists, it just felt…right. This instrument is not only sleek; it’s comfortable, lightweight, and impressive in all things horological. Framed in the contrasts of a black face and a silver-toned titanium case, the Regatta has a modern color scheme that sets it apart from others of its kind. Orange, blues, and whites subtly tie the piece together, all the way from the hands to the hour markers.




Main feature:

Regatta Countdown

A countdown timer is pretty rare for a mechanical watch, which is what really sets apart this Luminor timepiece. The main feature on this watch in the Regatta Countdown. The reason behind this feature comes from the American Cup’s Boating requirements. Crews are given a 5-minute window to prepare their boats and position themselves for best entry at the starting line.  So crews must manage their speed and cross at maximum speed at the starting line.  Hence, this 5-minute countdown period on the Regatta.


Extra Features:

  • Chronograph Flyback
  • Seconds Reset


Tech Spec

Movement: Automatic mechanical,
Calibre: Panerai P.9100/R
Jewels: 37,
Power reserve: 3 days, two barrels.
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Chronograph Flyback, Regatta Contdown, Seconds Reset
Dial: Black with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. Chronograph hour counter at 3 o’ clock, seconds at 9 o’clock, central chronograph seconds and minutes hands.Water Resistance: 100 meters


Like what you see? Contact us at to get your own Luminor Regatta!
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