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Ulysse Nardin Luxury Watches

Watch Brand: Ulysse Nardin
Watch Origin: Le Locle, Switzerland
Year Founded: 1846
Founders: Ulysse Nardin
Gender: Mens & Womens
Collections: Anniversary 160 Limited Edition, Blue Seal Chronograph - Limited Edition, Caprice, Executive Dual Time, Freak 28'800, GMT, Hourstriker 42mm, Kremlin Set, Lady Marine, Ludovico Perpetual, Macho Palladium 950, Marine, Maxi Marine, Maxi Skeleton, Michelangelo, Quadrato, Royal Blue, San Marco Classico, Sonata Cathedral, Sonata Siliciu, Ulysse I Limited Edition

Description: One of the most well-known Swiss watchmakers is Ulysse Nardin, which has remained in continuous production since the mid-1860’s. They have actually been in their same headquarters building since 1865. Their HQ is located in Le Locle, Switzerland. They are very well known for super accurate marine chronometers, which were being shipped during the 1800’s to over fifty navies all across the globe.